Appreciating Farmers

At the Edible Schoolyard Summer Camp, the children are preparing for a Farmer’s Market on Friday.  They have inventoried the garden , decided what is available in abundance, and made plans for how to present their produce.  The campers come together in the morning and break into groups to harvest, make signs for the market, and prepare food for tastings like you would find at the Farmers’ Curb Market at 501 Yanceyville Street just a ten minute walk from the Greensboro Children’s Museum.  The campers learn to appreciate what hard work farmers do to get food from their farm to their customers.  What they may not yet realize is why family farms are losing out to multimillion dollar business farms.  Yes, farming is hard work, and cooking may take a bit more effort than going to the nearest fast food joint, but the results are delicious, nutritious, and satisfying.  On Friday, campers’ families and friends will join us and taste real food, grown and prepared by our Edible Schoolyard Farmers!


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