ESY Academy and Life Lab at UC Santa Cruz

In July I had the good fortune to travel to California on Edible Schoolyard business where I attended a two-day Academy at the original Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley, California.  Their garden and kitchen program began in 1995 and has evolved over time due to a lot of hard and rewarding work with Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Berkeley.  At the Academy, I spent  two days with colleagues from other official ESY affiliates, as well as school and community based garden education programs.  Sharing experiences with folks from all over the country allowed me to feel connected with a wider community.  I highly recommend looking into the 2011 Academy if you are involved in garden and kitchen work with children.

Another great place where I spent a few hours is the Life Lab Children’s Garden on the campus of UC Santa Cruz.  Their program is in its 31st year and they are a great resource for published work on garden based science education.  I was fascinated to learn that they have a Chicken Cam in their chicken yard Based on how popular our chickens are with visitors, we are considering putting in our own Chicken Cam.

If you know of awesome garden/kitchen classrooms for kids, please comment on the blog and we’ll share a link!


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