Every day is Grandparents Day at ESY

My great grandmother Armstrong lived to be 93 and died in her yard one October evening on her way back in from gathering some of the last tomatoes of the season.  She took the time to pick the tomatoes because they might not have lasted through another cool mountain night, not knowing that the plants would outlast her.  Her son found her the next morning in the yard with the tomatoes scattered on the ground.  He may have taken some comfort in knowing that his mom had died doing something she loved.

It was not that long ago that all of our ancestors were intimately involved in raising and harvesting food.  (OK, maybe not if you are descended from royalty in the past millennium, but go back another couple thousand years, and your people were in the field with mine!)  At any rate, in many families we are not so terribly far removed from the act of feeding ourselves that we can’t find a gardener or farmer within a few generations.  If you are lucky enough to have a living grandparent or parent who likes to grow food, raise chickens, or cook from scratch, see what you can learn from them and bring them with you to visit our ESY garden!



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