Kat and Justin’s big trip away from the Edible Schoolyard

Kat with apples

Kat and Justin’s big trip away from the garden…

Monday and Tuesday Justin Leonard (garden manager, teacher) and I (Kat Siladi, garden teacher, volunteer coordinator) attended the DATS (Design, Art, and Technology) Symposium in Winston-Salem. There we sat on a panel discussion on Urban Agriculture with Dawn Leonard from Urban Harvest, A&T professor, Bob Powell, Seeds  and moderator  Roland McReynolds of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association. We shared the Edible Schoolyard project and discussed the need for more education and collaboration to increase city dwelling people’s access to clean, just, and local food.

After the conference, westward we went, making our way to Boone, NC to hear Indian Food Activist and Scientist, Vandana Shiva give a talk on Sustainability and the Global Food Crisis. During her talk, Dr. Shiva said that she knew of the Edible Schoolyards in the USA and thought that they should work on Seed Saving, both teaching and in action. While I pumped my hands in the air in the front row, honored and excited to what sounded like a shout-out, we listened carefully to her suggestion, and have been including seed-saving lessons already in school programming!

Tuesday Justin, Dawn, and I drove to Fancy Gap, VA to pick apples for cider making at the Harvest Hoe Down on Saturday October 16th. After a nice working trip, we are excited to rejoin our team, with 3 field trips, and much preparation for the Saturday event!  Hope to see you there!


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