Happy Turkey Day!

This fall, each of the Edible Schoolyard team members will be eating local, pasture raised turkey for Thanksgiving.  One is from Massey Creek Farm and the others are from my flock.  These turkeys lived an excellent life compared to mass-produced turkeys that we could have bought in the supermarket.  Their siblings, mates, and offspring will continue to enjoy fresh grass, fruit from the orchard, and some grain-based protein from a nearby feed and seed.  My remaining turkeys roam around, meet their needs, and increase their population without assistance.  As an omnivore, I enjoy participating in a sustainable food system.   If you are interested in moving toward a more local food economy and need help taking steps in that direction, come to the Edible Schoolyard and ask Kat, Justin, Jenny, Anne-Marie, or me-Eleanor. Happy Thanksgiving!

-Eleanor Farlow


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