Will chickens freeze?

People have kept domesticated chickens for centuries before modern times and the invention of electricity. While people are accustomed to living in heated houses, our chickens are not. Many people ask what we do to keep the Greensboro Children’s Museum chickens warm in the winter. The answer is they keep themselves and each other warm. A chicken is a warm-blooded animal, with a normal temperature of around 107 degrees Fahrenheit…almost 42 degrees Celsius. Chickens have the ability to fluff their feathers, trapping warmth within the area immediately surrounding their bodies. We are having unusually cold weather right now and have decided to install shutters over the two north facing windows, which we will close during the very coldest times. We know the cold weather and shorter days will slow down egg production, but as long as we keep their water thawed, the chickens will have a lovely winter! Be sure to come see them and offer them a bit of corn!


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