Really Craving Some Kale

Imagine these words coming from your child!  It’s the height of kale season right now.  Not just at my house, but all over NC in families that are trying to “eat local.”  Even though I am not producing any of the food my family eats in my garden at home this winter and only getting a few eggs from my hens who are on winter break, I took the 10% pledge earlier this fall.  North Carolina has a rich agricultural heritage and our local food economy should be thriving! OK, it’s not really that complicated; it’s also because local, seasonal food tastes better and is cheaper!

I am not sure when people stopped noticing what was in season in their region and decided that green peppers from 1500+ miles away tasted fine in January and that grapes from South America should be in grocery stores in February.  As for me, I am happy to have a child who says, “I am really craving some kale.” (If you think real kids don’t say that, come by the Edible Schoolyard at the Greensboro Children’s Museum, and watch kids try garden fresh kale and love it!)


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