Mad about Mushrooms

Kids make decorative mushrooms!


Oyster Mushrooms for your Kitchen

Mushroom Logs at the Edible Schoolyard

Join the staff of the Edible Schoolyard this Saturday, January 9th, for a fun and engaging introductory workshop on recycling with mushrooms and mushroom production. The workshop will be offered at two times, 11am-12pm and 1-2pm. There is no cost to attend this workshop, and it is appropriate for the whole family. Participants will leave the workshop with information and materials for cultivating their own edible mushrooms!

The Edible Schoolyard began its mushroom production last year with the inoculation of sixty 4 foot logs with Shiitake mushrooms, and a “woodchip bed” with another species of edible mushroom. We are expecting our first sizable harvests this year! This winter we have been using Oyster mushrooms to breakdown used coffee grounds, filters, and select paper products. This keeps these items out of the waste stream, and as an added benefit, will eventually result in Oyster mushrooms that we can eat!

Mushroom cultivation is easy and fun, and can be done in your own kitchen or backyard. Mushrooms, unlike plants, do not use photosynthesis for energy. Instead, they secrete enzymes and acids on their surface which break down complex molecules (like wood, straw, or even oil!) into smaller molecules. It is this action that allows for much of the nutrient recycling that occurs on our planet. To grow a mushroom only involves pairing the species of mushroom with its preferred food, temperature range, and humidity. Mushrooms will continue to fruit until all of its food has all been eaten.

Justin Leonard, Garden manager


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