Urban Homesteading Workshop-Chicks in the City

When I was little, I had a friend who got baby chicks for Easter in the spring. They were garishly colored with dye injected into the egg before the hatch. Of course after several weeks, the grew their white feathers, developed into more than the parents wanted to deal with, and ended up on a farm, since people in the city did not keep “pet chickens.”  People in farms probably didn’t keep pet chickens on a regular basis either, come to think of it.

These days, city folks all over the the United States are wanting to have local fresh sources of food, and they are finding that keeping a couple of hens is a great way to combine the fun of pet ownership with a source of delicious, nourishing eggs laid 4 to 6 days a week.  We are fortunate in Greensboro that folks have paved the way for this urban homesteading practice already.  Several years ago the city council passed an ordinance that allows city dwellers to keep hens (or even roosters before they are old enough to crow, which is good news for those who inevitably end up with the 10% of the chicks mistakenly identified as female when examined at hatch.)  Come learn what chicks and hens need in the city (or in the country) and prepare your family for city chicks!

Workshop details:

Saturday, February 12th 9:30 am-10:15 am, 12:30 pm-1:15 pm

Did you know that you can enjoy fresh, delicious eggs and have a fully feathered family pet all in one? Bring the whole family to gain hands-on experience and information about what it takes to raise chickens in the city.  If you like what you hear, come back on March 12th and learn about coop design and help us construct a chicken coop to be raffled off at our Edible Schoolyard birthday weekend in May.  No registration required.


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