Lindsay Street Mural

Greensboro's art community thanks you!

A group of artists and art lovers in Greensboro has embarked on a wonderful project at the Greensboro Children’s Museum: creating a collaborative mural on the retaining wall of the Edible Schoolyard, facing Lindsay St. in downtown Greensboro. During April this group started hosting a series of curbside conversations, collecting over 300 answers to the question, “What would make Greensboro a healthy city?”

Looking for common themes, from such a beautifully diverse audience, the muralist Kathleen Kennedy is translating the themes into a 40 ft mural. This project is inspired by Judy Baca’s “Great Wall of Los Angeles,” and the work of the Beehive Collective, combined with our belief and support in a healthier Greensboro.

This is a city-wide participatory art project. After analyzing the responses gathered from the curbside conversations, Kathleen Kennedy will design and outline the mural on the wall. Community members will be invited to color in the mural. Upon completion the group plans a block party for everyone in the Greensboro community!

Quick update: The mural is nearly finished and looks fantastic!


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