Meet Chuck and Steve

In case you haven’t visited the Greensboro Children’s Museum in the last couple of months, you may not realize that we have rabbits! Our rabbits came from a litter in the spring and came here to join the Edible Schoolyard family. After playing around with ideas for names, someone on staff took a look at them and decided that we should name them after other friends of ours: Chuck and Steve of Big Bang Boom. You’ll be able to tell the rabbits apart because of their unique hairstyles! When they were older (and already had their names), we took them to the vet and found out that they are both female. If you are in the neighborhood tomorrow, Friday, June 24, you can see both the two-legged, musical Chuck and Steve and the furry, four-legged Chuck and Steve, since the Big Bang Boom Camp will culminate in a camper concert with Big Bang Boom! Call the front desk at 336-574-2898 for concert time.


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