A Fall Gathering at the Edible Schoolyard

Chard near the Chicken Coop

Chard near the Chicken Coop

Many folks think of fall as a time to move away from the garden and into the kitchen.  That’s just what we have been doing here at the Edible Schoolyard.  Four evenings in the last three weeks have been special evenings for grown ups in the Edible Schoolyard garden and kitchen.  Fall brings a new crop of sweet potatoes to the Edible Schoolyard, as well as chard, and other leafy greens…so when the Edible Schoolyard Ambassador Council met for the first time last evening, I was inspired to marry the two of them into some kind of simple appetizer.  The next few entries will feature the dishes prepared by the ESY staff for our Ambassadors to sample.

Of the ESY staff members, I would not be voted “most likely to cook” by anyone…but I do love sweet potatoes and am excited about chard. (An aside-If you have never seen chard, you must come see it! It is gorgeous-especially the “Bright Lights” variety.) Anyway, with chard and sweet potatoes abundant in the garden, I only had to add a few more ingredients to come up with a fun way to eat them together. Thus was born the sweet potato, chard, goat cheese wrap…which is made as follows. I don’t generally cook from a recipe, so here’s what I did (no quantities-let your taste buds guide you!)

sweet potatoes-washed, peeled, and cut into ½ inch cubes, then boiled in salted water until barely tender, then drained and tossed with some butter

red onion-very finely chopped (minced) and sautéed until somewhat translucent in butter with freshly grated ginger

ginger-freshly grated into red onions as they are sautéed

goat cheese-farmer cheese from Goat Lady Dairy crumbled into red onion once you turn off the heat

sour cream-enough to bind the goat cheese and onion mixture to make it sort of spreadable

nutmeg-a little freshly grated into cheese

chard, mustard leaves, lettuce, or other leaf greens to serve as the wrapper

Spread a bit of goat cheese mixture onto leaf, add a few sweet potato cubes, wrap, and skewer on a toothpick

Taste, then if needed, add salt or other herbs to goat cheese mixture

Chard leaves are bitter on their own, but with goat cheese and sweet potatoes, they are delicious!


Next installments-Kat’s best crackers ever and Justin’s glorious galettes…


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