Justin’s Fruit Galette

Justin, our garden manager, has many talents which are evident in the garden, but not so many people realize his flair for the culinary world. Last week at the Edible Schoolyard Ambassador Council meeting, Justin kindly shared his pastry making skills when he created galettes for the guests (with plenty available to share with museum staff as well!) Asked for his crust recipe, he referred us to Julia Child’s recipe, found online at this wordpress blog http://madewithatwist.com/2009/11/20/savory-galette/.  Instead of making his galettes savory, he made two types of fruit galettes -both delicious! Apples being in season, his first galettes featured local apples from the Farmers’ Market.  And in the interest of variety, and with a well stocked freezer, he brought back the taste of summer with a delightful berry galette.  Justin’s experience as a baker at Simple Kneads Bakery in years past gives him a good bit more experience in baking than many people, but he assures us that we, too, can succeed with pastry.


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