Planning for Spring (Yes, already!)

Earlier this week I received two pieces of mail that are sure harbingers of spring: a seed catalog and a postcard from My Pet Chicken. Even though it’s not officially winter yet (and we’ve only recently had some hard frosts), I always get excited about spring when the catalogs arrive!

Last year at this time, I had a silly hen at my house hatching out baby chicks on November 30, in weather a lot like yesterday. Near freezing temperatures and driving rain made me wonder why I had let her sit on eggs in the month of November. Sam and her chicks moved into the master bathroom for three weeks while the baby chicks grew feathers, then they all moved outside under a heat lamp in a small coop on the front porch for several more weeks before they had enough feathers to stay warm on their on. Two of the little female chicks grew up and went to live at a small school in Greensboro, one little rooster went to a flock at farm north of Greensboro, and one rooster is still part of my flock at home.

So, while I am looking forward to ordering chicks for spring, I will just place my order early (maybe as early as tomorrow) and I’ll count the weeks until they arrive in the spring…no more winter chicks! If you are interested in helping to decide what kinds of chicks to add to the Edible Schoolyard flock, take a look at My Pet Chicken and email to share your thoughts. I’ll email you back and let you know what kind we’ll be adding and when they’ll arrive. (And if you want to be part of a larger order of chicks for your own flock, we can probably work that out, too!)


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