Happy New Year!

This is my first week on the job at the Edible Schoolyard and I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities ahead.  I’m joining a fantastic team here at the Greensboro Children’s Museum and I want to thank them for the patience and kindness they’ve shown me as I get settled. 

I was born and reared in a part of Ohio where farming was a profession of scale – thousands of acres of corn or soybeans.  I was dislocated from my food and food systems in general.  My reconnection with food began when I moved to North Carolina for graduate school in 2004.  Some classmates coaxed me into visiting the local farmers market and I fell in love with the variety, quality, and community the local food movement offers.  It has been quite the journey to get from that point in life to where I am today.  I learned to cook, my husband and I keep a small flock of heritage breed chickens in the yard, and growing, preserving, and enjoying food has become a large part of our lives. 

I can’t wait to see what all the seasons have in store for us here at the Edible Schoolyard.  Here are a few things to keep an eye out for as we launch the New Year:

  • Cooking classes for kids of all ages and adults
  • Tours and learning in the Edible Schoolyard
  • Summer camp
  • Baby chickens

Stay tuned and thank you for your support of the Edible Schoolyard in Greensboro.  Come by and see us!

– Stephanie


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