Family Gardening Classes!

This spring, we are starting a new series of weekend classes at the Edible Schoolyard.  One Sunday a month (February through April) we have scheduled a class for families or adults called “We Can Grow.”  Since it’s hardly felt like winter this season, your inner gardener has probably been nagging you to get going on the backyard (or front yard) garden plot at your house.  Or maybe your child’s school has sent home information about volunteer opportunities to help in the school garden.  In either case, maybe your skills and your tools are a bit rusty.  We’re here to help you figure out how to start or expand your own edible landscape!

To that end, we welcome all gardeners and aspiring gardeners to join us for the monthly garden classes, to volunteer, and to share photos of your family garden for display in the windows of the Edible Schoolyard office near the Activity Airport Exhibit at the Greensboro Children’s Museum.

Register  today! Spaces are limited.


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