A Note from a Spring Intern…

This semester my efforts at the Edible Schoolyard consisted of a few projects, including grant research, coordinating sculptures from Guilford College art students, building a peace pole for the garden, and writing literature for guests in the garden. One of the most rewarding responsibilities at the Edible Schoolyard was participating in the weekly cooking class with a group of third-fifth grader students. We cooked lots of things this semester, from smoothies to tacos to pizza, all of it from scratch!

The Edible Schoolyard is a magical place for children of all ages to interact with the natural world. I wish I had grown up in a city with a Children’s Museum or an Edible Schoolyard to play in and learn from. But a place that seems so easy and carefree takes a lot of work to sustain. In my time at the ESY I hope I have alleviated some of the work shared by its staff.

My time at the Edible Schoolyard has been a blessing for me in ways both personal and professional. On the one hand I have gotten a taste of what it will mean for me to have a job after college, what the business of the “real world” will mean to me in just a few weeks. On the other hand, I have met wonderful people with brilliant ideas about peaceful ways for us to interact with our food, our environment, and our communities. I have been inspired and humbled by this experience, but above all I am grateful for the opportunity! Thank you Edible Schoolyard!

-Sarah Barnett


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