We Have Bees!


Yesterday we picked up our package of locally bred bees from Tate’s Apiaries ( http://tatesapiaries.com/ ) in Winston-Salem. We brought these bees back to the ESY and installed them into the hive that was graciously donated by Jimmy Reittinger and John Cohen. The hive of bees is located in an adjacent lot, separated from the ESY, to keep guests from having unsupervised access to the hive.

Part of our seed to table educational message is that bees are important for the pollination of many of our food crops and that they provide us with honey for our kitchen programs. Bees work together as a group to make food, to keep and build their homes, and to explore their environments and solve challenges. One of our principles of edible education is that children learn by doing and observing. By observing the bees carrying out their natural actions, and by cooperatively working on garden projects, we hope that children learn many of the same traits that bees exhibit.

We will share follow-up posts as the season progresses and our bee-inspired activities evolve.



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