Pumpkins and Grapes Galore! – A Story of Two Magical Fruits

This is the story of two magical fruits: one that is ORANGE, big, and round, and the other that is PURPLE, little, and round. I have watched them growing since early this summer; both have vines that grew and grew, one across the ground near the mud cafe and one across the Church Street horizon.  

It requires so much patience to wait for the magic to happen as fruits like these come to fruition. Yet, it also seems like the change from tiny fruit to luscious ripeness happens overnight. Here are the stories of our pumpkins and our grapes – I hope that you enjoy this taste of edible magic!

An Impromptu Pumpkin Patch

Last year, a local farmer donated some lovely decorative pumpkins to the Edible Schoolyard. Justin placed them outside of the Mud Cafe, arranged from large to small. A year went by, and this summer we noticed that a massive squash plant seemed to be growing in that very same spot. We quickly determined by the size of the leaves that it was in fact a volunteer pumpkin patch! The pumpkin plant now wraps all the way around the Mud Cafe, stretching along the garden path and nearly reaching the kitchen door. The pumpkins are HUGE and bright orange! We are so excited to have such a powerful symbol of fall in our garden this year.

Oh Gosh Golly Grapes!

One day while working in the Edible Schoolyard Garden, I noticed a little vine growing along the Church Street fence! Upon closer examination, I saw the TINIEST baby grapes I had ever laid eyes on. They looked like this:

Many many days went by, and the grapes filled out into plump green ovals. Still, however, they were VERY hard to the touch and sour to the tongue. Next, the grapes began to turn purple one by one. Until finally….

What a beautiful sight!

To me these grapes are a true garden miracle. They are DELICIOUS, and beautiful in addition. Justin planted them along the fence line so that passersby could have a taste as well. These grapes were my very first experience with table grape growing, and I can’t wait to watch it happen all over again next year.

Come visit our garden and see the magic with your own eyes!

It will surely fill your heart with wonder.



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