Field Trips Are Fabulous!

Here at the Edible Schoolyard, we LOVE our field trips. Starting in the fall, and continuing well into the spring, we do garden programming with school groups from all over North Carolina. Last year we ran a field trip called “Urban Farmer.” In this program, students explored the garden as young farmers for the day: interacting with animals, learning about worms and composting, planting seeds, exploring the pond, and doing many other hands-on garden activities.

This year, we’re making some major changes to our programming in order to better suit the needs of local teachers. North Carolina has adopted new federal “Common Core” standards for Mathematics and Language Arts and new state-wide North Carolina Essential Standards for all other subjects. Our new field trips will be designed to satisfy some of these new standards, while still staying true to our own Edible Schoolyard educational philosophy.

Here are some snap shots of our new kindergarten program (still called “Urban Farmer”) and our new third grade program (called “Healthy Plants, Healthy Bodies!”):

Urban Farmer “Opening Circle” – students discuss ideas about what a farmer does, & where their food comes from.

Third graders work with Hailey to plant lettuce plants that they started in their classrooms!

Justin discusses the importance of water in the garden, and talks to the students about the plants living in our pond.

Kindergarteners sample tasty garden treats with Jennifer. They liked the red bell pepper best of all. YUM!

As we continue to re-vamp our field trip programs, we will post detailed information on our blog. We can’t wait to have groups from all grade levels visit our garden! Feel free to contact us with any additional questions that you may have, or e-mail Eileen Barnett at if you’d like to book a field trip for your group. Happy gardening!



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