Summer Camp 2013


Guess what, friends? We are very pleased to announce that as of Friday, February 1st, The Edible Schoolyard Summer Camp 2013 registration is LIVE, on both our blog and The Greensboro Children’s Museum website! We anticipate this summer being our best one yet, and are hard at work to make each week a unique food adventure for both new and “veteran” campers.

Here are some sneak peaks into Summer Camp 2013:

– We will be offering six NEW weeks of summer camp and bringing back two of our most popular sessions from last year: Harry Potter Camp and Farmer’s Market Camp (called “City Growers Camp” this year!). Check out the “Camp” page of our blog for a complete listing of the camp themes and descriptions for each week.

– Due to to the popularity of our Middle School “We are Cooks!” Camp last summer, we will be offering TWO weeks of Middle School camp this year: Iron Chef Camp and The Hungry Games!.

– During our Little Farmers in the City Camp, there will be a special guest animal from a local farm. What kind will it be??

– Two weeks of camp are particularly focused on imaginative adventures in the Edible Schoolyard and beyond: Barnyard Bonanza and The Amazing Food Race!.

– In our Animal, Vegetable, Musical camp, the special Friday feature will be a kid-created “vegetable musical,” accompanied by a live band!

So…. Is it June yet?? We just can’t wait.

Sign your child up today!


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