1st Annual Greensboro Urban Coop Loop

Five years ago this May, my husband – we were not married at the time – called to tell me that he had purchased six chickens.   Completely in shock, I tried to explain to him that we were NOT farmers and didn’t know the first thing about chickens!  “Don’t worry,” he said.  “They will live at my house, I’ll take care of them, and we can eat them in the fall.”  None of which turned out to be entirely true…

Five years later and on our second flock, Matilda, Francis, Zelda, Jo, Gwen, and Scarlet have become treasured pets.  I have unabashedly gone from chicken novice to chicken advocate.  I find myself telling anyone who will listen how easy chickens are to care for and how much personality each one of our girls has.  I’ve also met other people in Greensboro that are just as smitten.  Fortunately, there is one such chicken evangelist on our committee at The Edible Schoolyard.  Dabney Sanders broached the idea of a tour of chicken coops and now heads the committee in charge of this new, exciting event.

One June 8th, 2013, The Edible Schoolyard will host the first annual Greensboro Urban Coop Loop.  This self-guided tour features 15 coops in Greensboro and access to knowledgeable chicken owners to answer any questions about raising a backyard flock.  The tour will last from 10am – 4pm and starts when ticket buyers pick up their map at The Edible Schoolyard.

“Everyone likes a sneak peak at beautiful gardens and homes, so I thought – what better way to educate our community about how easy and fun it is to raise chickens, than to ask coop owners to open up their “homes”.  We hope this event will not only raise awareness about backyard chickens, but will raise money for The Edible Schoolyard which is such a great asset for our community.”    – Dabney Sanders

Proceeds from this event will go to support the work of The Edible Schoolyard.  Tickets are $10 per group or carload and can be purchased online at www.GreensboroUrbanCoopLoop.org or on the day of the event at The Greensboro Children’s Museum at 220 N. Church Street.

If you have questions about the Greensboro Urban Coop Loop, contact Stephanie Ashton at 336.574.2898 ext 320 or sashton@gcmuseum.com.

Hope to see you June 8th!

– Stephanie


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