1st Annual Greensboro Urban Coop Loop

1st Annual Greensboro Urban Coop Loop

Five years ago this May, my husband – we were not married at the time – called to tell me that he had purchased six chickens.   Completely in shock, I tried to explain to him that we were NOT farmers and didn’t know the first thing about chickens!  “Don’t worry,” he said.  “They will live at my house, I’ll take care of them, and we can eat them in the fall.”  None of which turned out to be entirely true… Continue reading

Family Cooking Classes

Thanks to Whole Foods Market and a few local chefs, the Edible Schoolyard is launching a number of family cooking classes in 2012.  In these classes, parents will join their kids in the kitchen for hands-on cooking lessons with the Edible Schoolyard’s new Kitchen Teacher and local chefs.     

The first class starts June 16th with ‘Dads in the Kitchen‘ when we’ll celebrate Father’s Day by making homemade pizzas and ice cream.  The Whole Foods Market series, Cooking Together will kick off in July with a special class on blueberries.  These monthly classes will be taught by ESY and Whole Foods chefs and focus on seasonal recipes and cooking basics.   Finally, look for Breakfast Basics classes taught by Beth Khiznerman, owner of Smith Street Diner.   She will be teaching easy recipes and techniques for dishes like sweet and savory crepes that will please everyone in the family.

Descriptions of all of these great classes and more can be found HERE