Field Trips

Explore an urban farm in downtown Greensboro and learn about healthy, local food! Through hands-on activities, engaging discussion, and life skills development, students will participate in daily life at the Edible Schoolyard garden and teaching kitchen. Tailored to seasonal and classroom needs, groups will participate in activities such as planting seeds, tasting garden fruits and vegetables, feeding chickens, making butter, and interacting with worms.

Curriculum for all Edible Schoolyard field trips is designed to satisfy NC Common Core and Essential Standards.

See below for more detailed information on specific grade levels, and Contact Heather Oakley at (336) 574-2898  or to book your PreK – 5th grade field trip today!

Kindergarten: Urban Farmer

Teacher Guide (pdf)

Visit the Edible Schoolyard and become a farmer for the day! Students will explore the garden, interact with barnyard animals, and learn about compost. In the kitchen, students will talk about the seasons and try fresh produce from the garden.

First Grade: Urban Explorer

Teacher Guide (pdf)

In this Edible Schoolyard field trip, students will learn about the distinct needs of plants, animals, and communities. Students will interact with chickens, compost, and soil to learn about the needs of plants and animals. In the kitchen, students will explore seasonal foods using the five senses and practice expressing thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Second Grade: Urban Homesteader

Teacher Guide (pdf)

Learn about urban homesteading and farming in this Second Grade field trip! Students will learn about the benefits of composting and interact with live chickens to learn about their care and life cycle. Students will also visit the kitchen, where they will learn about the age-old art of butter making.

3rd Grade: Healthy Community

Teacher Guide (pdf)

Come learn about plant life cycles, healthy environments, and soil composition in the Edible Schoolyard garden space!  Students will also visit the kitchen, where they will review properties of solids, liquids, and gases during a butter-making activity.

4th Grade: Habitat Investigation

Teacher Guide (pdf)

Students will explore various habitats within the Edible Schoolyard garden space, learning how humans and animals have adapted their behaviors in changing environments.  Students will also work with food crops grown in NC to prepare a healthy snack in the kitchen.

5th Grade: Garden Food Systems

Teacher Guide (pdf)

In this field trip, students will compare ecosystems within the Edible Schoolyard garden space and classify organisms as producer, consumer, or decomposer.  Students will also prepare a snack in the kitchen, using ingredients from the garden!